Issue 10, 2001

The First Relaunch

Editorial note The Lilith Collective p. iii


A Hall of Selective Mirrors: Feminism and the Work of History. pp. 1-17

Zora Simic

Histories of the Australian Women’s Movement as Represented in Feminist Journals. pp. 18-40

Chilla Bulbeck

‘Thinking Back Through our Aunts’: Emily and Matilda Sturge. pp. 41-57

Margaret Allen

Medieval Women, Letter Writing, and Performance. pp. 58-74

Elizabeth Freeman

‘Discharging the Truth’: Venereal Disease, the Amateur, and the Print Media, 1942-1945. pp. 75-91

Monica Dux

‘The Last Piece of Furniture Procured’: Some Mistresses’ Perspectives on the Mistress-Servant Relationship, 1870-1900. pp. 92-107

Helen Pfeil

Plain or Fancy? Currents of Class, Gender and Nation in the First Australian Exhibition of Women’s Work, 1907. pp. 108-120

Sue Doyle

Printing Presses and Protest Banners: Feminist Presses in Australia. pp. 121-136

Louise Poland

Australian Women Priests? Anglicans, Feminists and the Newspapers. pp. 137-152

Peter Sherlock

No Place for a Woman? Class, Modernity and Colonialism in the Gendering of Australian Science, 1885-1940. pp. 153-172

Jane Carey

Book Reviews:

The Meagre Harvest: The Australian Women’s Movement 1950-1990s by Gisela Kaplan; Getting Equal: The History of Australian Feminism by Marilyn Lake; Australian Feminism: A companion, eds. Barbara Caine, Moira Gatens, Emma Grahame, Jan Larbalestier, Sophie Watson, and Elizabeth Webby. p. 173

                Ann Standish

Talkin’ Up to the White Woman: Indigenous Women and Feminism by Aileen Moreton-Robinson. p. 178

Tracey Banivanua-Mar

Loving Protection: Australian Feminism and Aboriginal Women’s Rights by Fiona Paisley. p. 181

Nikki Henningham

The Captive White Women of Gippsland: In Pursuit of the Legend by Julie Carr. p. 184

Christina Twomey

Women as Australian Citizens: Underlying Histories, eds. Patricia Crawford and Philippa Maddern. p. 186

Ellen Warne

Rosa! Rosa! A Life of Rosa Praed, Novelist and Spiritualist by Patricia Clarke. p.187

Julie Evans

D.J.: Dorothy Jean Ross, 1891-1982 by Barbara Falk with Cecile Trioli. p. 190

Jane Carey

Tiger’s Eye by Inga Clendinnen. p. 191

Helen MacDonald

Contributors p. 194