Managing Editor

Ana Stevenson, Managing Editor and Founder

ANA STEVENSON is a Senior Lecturer and Associate Head (Research) with UniSQ College at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, and a Research Fellow with the International Studies Group at the University of the Free State, South Africa.

Ana received her Ph.D. from The University of Queensland in 2015. Between 2014 and 2015, she was a Visiting Scholar in the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program at the University of Pittsburgh, USA. Her research brings transnational perspectives to the history of feminism and social movements in the United States, Australia, and South Africa. Ana’s first book, The Woman as Slave in Nineteenth-Century American Social Movements (2019), appeared with Palgrave Studies in the History of Social Movements. With Alana Piper, she is the editor of Gender Violence in Australia: Historical Perspectives (2019).

In 2019, Ana’s journal article in the Pacific Historical Review was awarded the W. Turrentine Jackson (Article) Prize by the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association and the Covert Award by the History Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Ana is the co-convenor of The Suffrage Postcard Project, a digital humanities initiative about women’s suffrage postcards. Ana is also interested in research communication, as the lead of the Academic Blogging and the Public Humanities in the Twenty-First-Century Knowledge Economy project.

Follow Ana on Twitter @DrAnaStevenson.

Managing Editor

Paige Donaghy, Managing Editor

PAIGE DONAGHY is an Associate Lecturer in the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry at the University of Queensland, Australia, and soon to be a McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Melbourne in 2024.

Paige finished her Ph.D. at the University of Queensland in 2023, which received the 2024 Dean’s Award for Outstanding Thesis. In 2022, she was the inaugural recipient of the UQ Berlin Residency Award, and a visiting Predoctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin. She previously worked as a committee member on the Lilith Collective, and for the Australian and New Zealand Association for Medieval and Early Modern Studies journal Parergon.

Paige’s research explores the history of medicine, science, gender and reproduction in Europe circa 1550 to 1850. Her thesis presents the first history of false pregnancy and conception in early modern Europe, and her published work has explored the intersections of medicine, women’s sexuality and reproduction. Paige’s latest article, “The Secrets of the Placenta in European Anatomy and Midwifery, 1560-1700” was published in Isis: A Journal for the History of Science Society in 2023. She is also the current Secretary for the Australian and New Zealand Society of the History of Medicine.

Find Paige on Twitter/X @donaphy.

Alana Piper, Managing Editor and Founder

ALANA PIPER is a Research Fellow and Lecturer in the Australian Centre for Public History at University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

Between 2014 and 2017, she was previously a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Girffith University as part of the ARC-Laureate Fellowship project, The Prosecution Project. Alana completed her Ph.D. on relationships between women within historical criminal subcultures at The University of Queensland in 2014. In 2010, she received a University Medal for her honours thesis on women’s alcohol use in early-twentieth-century Brisbane.

Her work has appeared in such publications as Journal of Social History, Journal of Interdisciplinary HistoryWomen's History ReviewHistory Workshop Journal, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, Journal of Legal History and Law & History Review. Alana has a broad range of interests concerning the social and cultural history of gender, deviance and crime, but is particularly interested in economically-motivated crimes such as theft, fraud, prostitution and fortune-telling.

Alana founded VIDA: Blog of the Australian Women's History Network in July 2016 with Ana Stevenson. Between 2016 and 2023, she was also a Managing Editor.

Follow Alana on Twitter @alana_piper.

Commissioning Editor

Vera Mackie, Commissioning Editor

VERA MACKIE is Emeritus Senior Professor at the University of Wollongong, Australia.

Recent publications include IVF and Assisted Reproduction: A Global History (2020, with Sarah Ferber and Nicola J. Marks); The Reproductive Industry: Intimate Experiences and Global Processes (2019, with Nicola J. Marks and Sarah Ferber); Remembering Women’s Activism (2019, with Sharon Crozier-De Rosa); The Social Sciences in the Asian Century (2015, with Carol Johnson and Tessa Morris-Suzuki); The Routledge Handbook of Sexuality Studies in East Asia (2015, with Mark McLelland); Gender, Nation and State in Modern Japan (2014, with Andrea Germer and Ulrike Wöhr); Feminism in Modern Japan: Citizenship, Embodiment and Sexuality (2003); and Gurōbaruka to Jendā Hyōshō [Globalisation and Representations of Gender] (2003).

Vera is also an active contributor to such publications as Australian OutlookHistory Workshop Online, Intersections: Gender and Culture in Asia and the PacificJapan Focus, and VIDA: Blog of the Australian Women’s History Network.

Follow Vera on Twitter @veramackie.

Editorial Assistant

Tomer Dimanstein, 2023-24 Graduate Research School Summer Research Scholar

TOMER DIMANSTEIN is a postgraduate student completing a Master of Economics at the University of New England, Australia, and a Master of Learning and Teaching (Secondary) at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

His current research area is economic development. With education being a major factor in improving economic development, Tomer has been analysing national-sampled quantitative data to investigate the impact that arts training has on educational outcomes. Upon completing his degrees, Tomer hopes to pursue further study and research.

Tomer joined the editorial team during a 2023-24 Summer Research Scholarship affiliated with USQ’s Graduate Research School.

Natasha Walker, 2023 Graduate Research School Winter Research Scholar

NATASHA WALKER is a postgraduate student completing a Doctor of Philosophy (History) at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

Her research focus is the transnational influence of the first-wave feminist press in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. She plans to further investigate how women communicated their aims for equality and world peace on a transnational scale through feminist print media during her candidature. Natasha co-authored the book chapter "'Virtually a Victory': The Australian Woman’s Sphere and the Mainstream Press During Vida Goldstein’s 1903 Federal Candidature," in the edited collection Voices of Challenge in Australia’s Migrant and Minority Press (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021).

Natasha joined the editorial team during a 2023 Winter Research Scholarship affiliated with USQ’s Graduate Research School.

Danaé Carlile, 2022-23 ReDTrain Summer Research Scholar

DANAÉ CARLILE is a research student commencing a Master of Research (History) at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia, in 2023, having recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Major History with Distinction from USQ.

Her research examines migrant and transnational histories of the Scottish Highlands between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, primarily invested in the exploration of migrant dispersal and emerging diaspora from this region into contemporary society alongside the development of Scottish women’s history within the same framework.

Danaé joined the editorial team during a 2022-23 ReDTrain Summer Research Scholarship affiliated with USQ's Graduate Research School.

Follow Danaé on Twitter @DanaeCarlile.

Georgina Rychner, Assistant Editor 2017-18

GEORGINA RYCHNER received her Ph.D. in history from Monash University, Australia.

Her research examines public attitudes to mental illness and criminal responsibility in colonial Victoria. Georgina's article "Murderess or Madwoman? Margaret Heffernan, Infanticide and Insanity in Colonial Victoria" appears in the 2017 edition of Lilith: A Feminist History Journal. She has also published research in the quarterly magazine Voiceworks. Georgina has worked as an intern with the Public Records Office of Victoria, and has assisted in putting together museum exhibitions at both the archives and the Melbourne Police Museum.

Follow Georgina on Twitter @rychnerd.

Marama Whyte, Assistant Editor 2017-18

MARAMA WHYTE received her Ph.D. in history from The University of Sydney, Australia.

Her research examines attempts by female journalists in the United States to create a more inclusive media landscape in the post-World War II years through litigation, and feminist and labour activism. Marama's article "Newswomen in Revolt" appeared in popular UK history magazine History Today in 2017. For the past five years she has worked as a writer, editor and podcaster for online US entertainment magazine Hypable. Marama also completed an internship with Monash University Publishing in 2014.

Follow Marama on Twitter @maramawhyte.