The Australian Women’s History Network convenes a stream in the annual Australian Historical Association Conference. Lilith: A Feminist History Journal also convenes symposia.

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Australian Historical Association Conference 2024: Home Truths 

Hybrid conference hosted by Flinders University, Australia

1 July – 4 July 2024

Full details about the Australian Women’s History Network stream will be available in early 2024.

The search for truth and the dispelling of lies sits at the heart of popular understandings of the task of the historian. Our discipline aims to bring enriched understandings of the past that assist in confronting contemporary challenges.

In a world where denial and doubt are viable political strategies, the perhaps impossible demand for the discipline to provide simple and actionable truths remains urgent and insistent. Whether at the centre of political debates or within the minutiae of grassroots community discussions, historians are seen as offering necessary complexity to the process of uncovering truth. Meanwhile, historians have their own complicated and contentious history with ‘truth’ and the possibility of a historically enriched way of knowing the present.

​This conference is convened on Kaurna Country by the local organising committee of historians in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Flinders University.

Full conference details are available at this link.