2018 Symposium

AWHN Symposium 2018: ‘The Past is a Position: History, Activism and Privilege’

2018 Australian Women’s History Network Symposium
Monday 2 July 2018
ANU School of Music, Canberra

Keynote plenary panel speakers:
Barbara Baird, Chelsea Bond, Ann Curthoys, Crystal McKinnon, Maria Nugent, Suvendrini Perera

AWHN Final symposium program


AWHN Abstract book

We are grateful to the ANU Gender Institute for contributing funding to support this event.






Call for Papers (Call for papers is now closed)

This symposium will focus on histories of activism – including movements for decolonisation, liberation movements, civil and personal disobedience, public and private demonstrations, individual and coordinated collective acts of resistance and agitation. We focus on these to consider how they have been understood historically and remembered, and to consider which stories have privileged places on the public record and institutions and which do not. As feminists, how do we think histories of activism and protest are being, and should be, told?

This one day symposium will be a gathering that is intellectually exciting, thoughtful and active and creates opportunities for creative research and future collaborations.

We aim to create a gathering which fosters conversations that critically examine political experiences and ideas in the past, which considers the legacies of these in the present, and which works towards creating a better future.

Would you like to be involved?

We are seeking expressions of interest from academics, activists, community groups, writers, artists and anyone else who would like to share practices and histories of activism.

We seek presentations that will promote conversations and exchanges with those attending the symposium and ask that presenters consider innovative and creative ways to present at the symposium. Some formats that can do this include:

  • Conversations
  • roundtables
  • workshops
  • 20×20, aka Pecha Kucha
  • performances/films
  • lightning papers

Proposals can be submitted for individual papers/presentations or full panels. There will be scope for 20-minute papers to be considered too. We are particularly keen to foster conversations between academics and activists/practitioners.

What to do to next?

Please send an expression of interest to present at the conference to us by March 26, 2018 at auswhn@gmail.com.

Let us know: the type of presentation you would like to give and the topic you will address and any technical or venue requirements in 250 words (or less); and a short bio (100 words or less).

Registration details will be released as soon as possible. Please note that all academic presenters must be members of the AWHN. Registration will be free for all Gender Institute members and those without research funding or sufficient employment. Registration costs will be kept to a minimum.

Any questions? Please email us to ask.