Issue 21, 2015

Editorial: Petra Mossman and Laura Rademaker


Women, childbirth customs and authority in Ireland, 1850-1930.

Cara Delay

Betty Sale: How one woman fought with a nation, and embodied the values of another.

Jessica Stroja

From ‘Precocious brat’ to ‘Fluffy flapper’: The evolution of the Australian flapper.

Rebecca Preston

The beginnings of the Victorian women’s refuge movement: Difference, equality and protectionism, 1974-1979.

Jacqui Theobald

Jack Mugarrieta Garland: A queer mestiz@ in the ‘American West’.

Linda Heidenreich

Chasing Eliza Miles: An archive story

Louise Blake

‘Working hard and saving up’: Australian masculinity and meanings of work and class in ‘Smiley’ (1956).

Chelsea Barnett

Memories of Leonore Davidoff:

Memories of Leonore Davidoff.

Margaret Allen

Book Reviews:

Women on the move.

Anne Rees

Archiving feminism.

Petra Mossman

The ideas of liberation.

Sophie Robinson

Foundational masculinities, sex and political biography.

Bethany Phillips-Peddlesden

The daughters of Ares.

Robyn Curtis

Love, friendship and Christian revolution

Ana Stevenson