Issue 17 & 18

Second Relaunch; Papers from 2011 Australian Women’s History Network Symposium “Utopian Visions”, 2008 US Social Science History Association Conference on Judith Bennett’s History Matters, and Online Forum on Margaret Henderson’s Wonders Taken for Signs

Editorial: Jane Carey p. 6


Utopian Visions Symposium

‘I had more children than most people’: Single Women’s Missionary Maternalism in Arnhem Land, 1908-1945. pp. 7-21

Laura Rademaker

Citizen of Australia… Citizen of the World: An Australian New Woman’s Feminist and Nationalist Vision. pp. 22-40

Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

Bessie Harrison Lee’s Utopian Vision of Marriage and Heredity. pp. 41-53

Jennifer Caligari

Learning from the League: Supra-National Women’s Groups and the Legaue of Nations. pp. 54-67

Ellen Warne

Utopian Visions of Evolution and Race in Feminist Fiction and Activism: Some Preliminary Reflections on Catherine Spence, Henrietta Dugdale and other late Nineteenth-century Australian Writers. pp. 68-88

Jane Carey

Judith Bennett’s History Matters: Patriarchy and the Challenge of Feminism (Introduction p. 89)

Golden Ages and the ‘Distant Past’ in Women’s History. pp. 90-92

Katherine L. French

Patriarchy and Intentionality: Does it Matter? pp. 93-95

Ruth Mazo Karras

Continuity and Diversity in Theorisations of Patriarchy. pp. 96-100

Pavla Miller

The Persistence of Patriarchy in History Matters. pp. 101-106

Julia Adams

Forum: On Margaret Henderson’s Wonders Taken for Signs

Wonders Taken for Signs: The Cultural Activism of the Australian Women’s Movement as Avant-Garde Reformation. pp. 107-120

Margaret Henderson

‘The long, cumulative labour of transformation’: A Response to Margaret Henderson. pp. 121-131

Zora Simic

Writing the Past as Politics: Some reflections on Historiography and Margaret Henderson. pp. 132-138

Ann Genovese

Notes on Contributors p. 139