Issue 27, 2021


Catastrophic Times and Feminist Histories

Kate Davison, Alexandra Ciaffaglione


‘Your Life is More Pleasant with Wine’: Australian Wine Board Advertising in the Australian Women’s Weekly, 1955–1965

Alison Vincent

‘Wright By Her Own Hand’: Recipe Exchange and Women’s Kinship Networks in Ascendancy Ireland, 1690–1800

Madeline Shanahan

Women, Popular Science and Recreation: The First 25 Years of the South Australian Field Naturalists

Sharyn Clarke

The Story of the Bungalow Alice Springs, 1914–1929: A Decolonised, Creative Non-Fictive Treatment with a Focus on the Women and Children

Linda Wells

Spectacle and Political Gimmicks: The Women’s Crusade for Liberty 1947–1949

Wendy Michaels

The Lavender Menace comes to Melbourne: Feminism, Lesbianism, Place and Space in the 1970s

Jacquelyn Baker

‘Lovely and Secret’: The Life of a Poet’s Muse, Katie Anna Lush

Danielle Scrimshaw


The Female Frame: Biopolitics and Wellbeing in Australian and Global Perspective

Iva Glisic, Samantha Owen, Parisa Shams, Kelly Bailey, Michelle Bootcov, Jessica Murray, Lee Sulkowska


Maternity Misplaced: The Infanticidal Mother Archetype in Fin-de-Siècle Australia and France

Saskia Roberts

‘In Donkey Jacket and Doc Martin Boots’: Women Workers, Uniforms and the Patterning of Exclusion in the Male-Dominated Transport Industry

Emma Robertson and Lee-Ann Monk


The Rebellion of the Daughters: Jewish Women Runaways in Habsburg Galicia

Rachel Manekin

The Woman as Slave in Nineteenth-Century American Social Movements

Lachlan McCarron

In Her Own Name: A History of Women in South Australia from 1836; Trailblazers: 100 Inspiring South Australian Women

Rachel Harris

A Splendid Adventure: Australian Suffrage Theatre on the World Stage

Sylvia Martin

Vida: A Woman for our Time

Wendy Michaels

Distant Sisters: Australasian Women and the International Struggle for the Vote, 1880–1914

Belinda Eslick