Issue 7, 1991

Second Feminist History Conference Papers (held mid-1990)

Editorial Catriona Elder, Fiona Paisley, Joy Damousi, Kate Grey, Katie Holmes, Katy Reade, Maryanne McCubbin, and Sue Jensen pp. 7-10


Filipina Migration and Organisation in Australia: an historical and political perspective. pp. 11-24

Melba Marginson

Koories in a Time Capsule. pp. 25-28

Lisa Bellear

Sexuality and Feminism: Some notes on their Australian history. pp. 29-45

Marilyn Lake

Prostitution and Pornography: the debate between radical and libertarian feminists. pp. 46-70

Mary Spongberg

Was Biology Destiny? Historical Demography and White Colonial Women. pp. 71-85

Patricia Grimshaw

Relating Women: Australian women diarists and their relationships, 1920 and 1930s. pp. 86-99

Katie Holmes

Dear Problem Page, ‘I’m Single and Pregnant and…’. pp. 100-112

Shurlee Swain

Abortion in South Australia before 1970: an oral history project. pp. 113-129

Barbara Baird

Book Reviews:

Sexual Subversions by Elizabeth Grosz. p. 130

Catriona Mackenzie

Working Hot by Mary Fallon; Moments of Desire by Susan Hawthorne and Jenny Pansacker. p. 136

Rose Lucas

Not a Passing Phase by Lesbian History Group. p. 145

Miranda Morris

A Writing Life by Giulia Giuffre. p. 148

Maryanne Dever

Notes on Contributors p. 152