Issue 6, 1989

Women and Work [dedicated to the memory of Chris Hamilton d. 09/04/1989]

Editorial Joy Damousi, Kate Grey, Katie Holmes, Melanie Raymond, Mimi Colligan, Penny Russell, and Sue Davies pp. 7-9


Notes Toward a Discussion of Sexual Labour: Australia 1880-1910. pp. 10-32

Susan Magarey

Jessie Street and War-time Child Care. pp. 33-49

Lynne Davis

Working Their Way to Respectability: Women, vagrancy, and reform in late nineteenth century Melbourne. pp. 50-63

Sue Davies

Prostitution: We call it sex-work now (A comment). pp. 64-68

Cheryl Overs

Flashes of Lightning: Australian Women artists of the 1920s and 30s: A positive self-portrait. pp. 69-82

Natalie Adamson

Nursing Now and Then: One woman’s memoir. pp. 83-93

Chris Hamilton

Women’s Work as Barmaids: Some preliminary thoughts from a research project. pp. 94-99

Diane Kirkby

Museums and Feminist History: A Symbiosis. pp. 100-108

Lisa Dale

Women in the Paid Workforce – Sources available at the University of Melbourne Archives. pp. 109-116

Maryanne McCubbin

Sources for Women’s Studies at the State Library of Victoria, Part 2: Main Reference Library. pp. 117-126

Barbara Carroll and Sue Healy

Book Reviews:

The Factory Floor by Carolyn Polizzotto. p. 127

Sue Fairbanks

Women in Rural Australia, ed. Kerry James. p. 134

Kate Darian-Smith

Generations by Diane Bell. p. 136

Katie Holmes

Women and the Bush by Kay Schaffer. p. 141

Rosemary Hunter

Words From the Same Heart, eds. Margaret Bradstock and Louise Wakeling. p. 148

Mandy Leveratt

Women as Healers by Hilary Bourdillon; Votes for Women by Diane Atkinson. p. 150

Fiona Paisley

Nettie Palmer: her private journal, ed. Vivian Smith. p. 153

Julie Wells

Joan Makes History by Joan Grenville. p. 155

Julie Wells

Notes on Contributors p. 159