Issue 5, 1988

First Feminist History Conference Papers (held May 1988 @ Melbourne University)

Editorial Jane Bathgate, Julie Wells, Katie Holmes, Melanie Raymond, Penny Russell, Sue Davies, Sue Fairbanks pp. 5-8


Women and Treason in Pre-War Japan. pp. 9-25

Helene Bowen

Socialist Women in Australia, 1890-1918. pp. 26-40

Joy Damousi

Labour Pains: Women in Unions and the Labor Party in Victoria, 1888-1918. pp. 41-51

Melanie Raymond

Incorporating the Teaching and Learning of Gender in Postprimary Education in Victoria. pp. 52-67

Anita Lustig-Selzer

Koorie History and the Bicentenary. pp. 68-70

Lisa Bellear

Convict Women: heroines or victims? pp. 71-78

Julie Wells and Clare Madsen

Transforming Politics: the impact of feminist history on women in public life. pp. 91-95

Di Bretherton

Recovering the Past for the Present: The history of Victorian Calisthenics. pp. 96-112

Roslyn Otzen

The Relationship between Family Life and Class Formation in Nineteenth-century Melbourne. pp. 113-126

Penny Russell

The Creation of Dissonance in the Education of Girls: an historical perspective. pp. 127-138

Marjorie Theobald

The Concealment of Birth in Nineteenth-century Victoria. pp. 139-147

Shurlee Swain

Hannah Villiers Boyd and Colonial Culture. pp. 148-164

Sarah Paddle

Women, Housing, and Home Ownership in the 1950s and 1960s. pp. 165-176

Pamela Rehak