Issue 4, 1988

Women and Folklore

Editorial Jane Bathgate, Julie Wells, Kate Darian-Smith, Katie Holmes. Mandy Leveratt, Melanie Raymond, Penny Russell, Sue Davies, and Sue Fairbanks pp. 2-3


Women in Irish Folklore. pp. 4-14

Anne O’Connor

Marital Status of Women in the Folklore of Bangladesh. pp. 15-28

Hasna Begum

Taboo Women: Some Cultural Reflections on Women’s Sexuality in Polynesia. pp. 29-40

Jane Bathgate

Mrs. Cole’s Servants: A Study in Domestic Politics. pp. 41-57

Penny Russell

Resources for Australian Women’s History at the State Library of Victoria. pp.58-67

Marg McCormack and Mandy Bede

Book Reviews:

Her Natural Destiny by Noelene Kyle. p. 68

Feodora Fomin

Vesta Tilley by Sara Maitland. p. 70

Mimi Colligan

Landscape for a Good Woman by Carolyn Steedman. p. 73

Katie Holmes

Feminist Challenges by Carol Pateman and Elizabeth Gross. p. 78

Glenda Sluga

Immodest Acts by Judith Brown. p. 83

Natalie Tomas

Women in Revolutionary Russia by Cathy Porter. p. 87

Elizabeth Waters

Notices p.92