Issue 2, 1985

Introduction Dvora Zion, Mandy Leveratt, Meg Arnot, Melanie Raymond, Penelope Johnson, Robyn Everist, Tess Moloney pp. 2-5


Feminism and Socialism in England 1883-1900. pp 6-29

Mandy Leveratt

Women Stretching Outwards: Feminism and the Club Woman Movement in the United States at the Turn of the Century. pp. 30-41

Robyn Everist

Adeline Lloyd: A Biography of an Unmarried Woman. pp. 42-58

Sheryl Yelland

Women, Language and Ideology. pp. 59-76

Jane Freeman

Comrades or Doormats? Some Reflections on Women in Coalmining Communities. pp. 77-86

Raelene Frances

Book Reviews:

All For Australia by Geoffrey Blainey. p. 87

Dvora Zion

So Much Hard Work: Women and Prostitution in Australian History, ed. Kay Daniels. p. 89

Meg Arnot

Women Workers in the Second World War by Penny Summerfield. p. 98

Mandy Leveratt

Booknotes p. 102

Good and Mad Women: The Historical Construction of Femininity in Twentieth Century Australia by Jill Matthews

The disenchantment of the home: Modernizing the Australian Family 1880-1940 by Kerren Reiger

Families in Colonial Australia, eds. Patricia Grimshaw, Chris McConville, and Ellen McEwen

Double Time: Women in Victoria – 150 Years, eds. Marilyn Lake and Farley Kelly

News p. 107

“Living Museum of the West”

Jenny Mitchell