Issue 19, 2013

Issue 19, 2013

Editorial: Catherine Bishop and Anne Rees. pp. 1-2


Sex, Scandal, and Speculation: White Women, Race and Sexual Desire in the Colored Idea Scandal, 1928. pp. 4-17

Kyla Cassells

The Final Factor: What Political Action Failed to Do. pp. 18-31

Wendy Michaels

Female Complaints & Certain Events: Silencing Abortion Discourse. pp. 32-45

Clare Parker

The Business of Adoption: Past Practices at Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital. pp. 46-59

Christin Quirk

Liberating Children: The Australian Women’s Liberation Movement and Children’s Rights in the 1970s. pp. 60-75

Isobelle Barrett Meyering

War & Peace: A Case of Global Need, National Unity and Local Dissent? A Closer Look at Australia’s Greenham Common. pp. 76-91

Megg Kelham

The Infamous Whore Forgotten: Remembering Mary Boleyn in History and Fiction. pp. 92-106

Laura Saxton

Notes on Contributors p. 107