Issue 16, 2007

A Feminist History of Violence

Editorial: History as a weapon of liberation


A Feminist History of Violence: History as a Weapon of Liberation? pp. 1-11

Angela Woollacott

Response pp. 12-14

Lee-Ann Monk


Schiller’s Children: Ulrike Meinhof and the Terrorist Performative. pp. 15-25

Leith Passmore

Exploring Feminism’s Complex Relationship with Political Violence: An Analysis of the Weathermen, Radical Feminism and the New Left. pp. 26-41

Lindsey Churchill

History and Actuality of Anarcha-feminism: lessons from Spain. pp. 42-56

Marta Iñiguez de Heredia

The Re-conceptualisation of Domestic Violence Under the Howard Government Since 1996. pp. 57-68

Amy Webster

The timeless aberration: Wolfenden and the making of modern prostitution. pp. 69-83

Kate Gleeson

Speaking Out Against Rape: Feminist (Her)Stories and Anti-Rape Politics. pp. 84-95

Tanya Serisier

Interrogating non-indigenous support for Indigenous self-determination. pp. 96-109

Clare Land

Women, Water, and Whiteness. pp. 110-119

Kathleen Connellan

‘I’d just like to die with a bit of peace’: the role of oral history in reinterpreting repressed memories of stillbirth and neonatal death in Australia’s past. pp. 120-131

Susannah Thompson

Book Reviews:

The Women’s Room by Marilyn French. p. 132

Kelly Butler

Rebel Girls: Their Fight for the Vote by Jill Liddington. p. 133

Danielle Thornton

Menstruation: A Cultural History, eds. Andrew Shail and Gillian Howie; Girls in Power: Gender, Body, and Menstruation in Adolescence by Laura Fingerson. p. 135

Carla Pascoe

France after Revolution: Urban Life, Gender, and the New Social Order by Denise Z. Davidson. p. 137

Kate Seward

Taking Assimilation to Heart: Marriages of White Women and Indigenous Men in the United States and Australia, 1887-1937 by Katherine Ellinghaus. p. 139

Katherine Pace

King Kong Théorie by Virginie Despentes. p. 140

Miriam Thompson

Feminisms in Development: Contradictions, contestations and challenges, eds. Andrea Cornwall, Elizabeth Harrison, and Ann Whitehead. p. 142

Wendy Miller

Call girls: Private Sex Workers in Australia by Roberta Perkins and Frances Lovejoy; Making Sex Work: A Failed Experiment with Legalised Prostitution by Mary Lucille Sullivan. p. 143

Ann McLaren