Issue 13, 2004

20th Anniversary Edition

Editorial Note The Lilith Collective


Empathy, Imagination and Feminist History. pp. 1-11

Penny Russell

A Dissection in Reverse: Mary McLauchlan, Hobart Town 1830. pp. 12-24

Helen MacDonald

Sex Scandal as Propaganda: The Libel Trial of Noel Pemberton-Billion, London, 1918. pp. 25-37

Danielle Thornton

‘Delilah Aged 14!’: The Melbourne Truth and the 1950s Teenage Girl. pp. 38-50

Madeleine Hamilton

Masculinity Gone Mad: Settler Colonialism, Medical Discourse and the White Body in Late Nineteenth-Century Victoria. pp. 51-67

Leigh Boucher

‘rehearsing the laws/I cannot subscribe to’: Resisting the Dominant Discourse in the Work of Adrienne Rich. pp. 68-79

Alice Miller

Letters, Films and Friends: Women’s Involvement in the Victorian Film Society Movement. pp. 80-92

Mary Tomsic

‘A League of friendship and understanding’: The Friendship Networks of Australian and British First Wave Feminist. pp. 93-105

Miranda Walker

‘Childless But Not By Choice’ or ’24-hour Women Having It All’? Remembering Australian Feminism. pp. 106-116

Natasha Campo

Women and Family Business in England, Wales, and the Colonies c. 1500-1800: Constructing a Model for Historical Analysis. pp. 117-126

Dolly MacKinnon

Book Reviews:

The Medici Women : Gender and Power in Renaissance Florence by Natalie R. Tomas. p. 127

Camilla Russell

New Woman Hybridities: Femininity, Feminism and International Consumer Culture, 1880-1930, eds. Anna Heilmann and Margaret Beetham. p. 129

Ann McCarthy and Miranda Walker

Scheherazade Goes West: Different Cultures, Different Harems by Fatema Mernissi. p. 131

Erin Dolan

Beyond the Ladies Lounge: Australia’s Female Publicans by Clare Wright. p. 133

Heather Holst

Scandal in the Colonies by Kirsten McKenzie. p. 134

Helen MacDonald

Letters from Aboriginal Women of Victoria, 1867-1926, eds. Elizabeth Nelson, Sandra Smith, and Patricia Grimshaw. p. 136

Niki Calastas

Sites of Gender: Women, Men and Modernity in Southern Dunedin, 1890-1939, eds. Barbara Brookes, Annabel Cooper, and Robin Law. p. 138

Patricia Grimshaw

Chinese Women and the Global Village: And Australian Site by Jan Ryan. p. 140

Sara Bice

Isabel Flick: The Many Lives of an Extraordinary Aboriginal Woman by Isabel Flick and Heather Goodall. p. 142

Sarah Cornfoot

Single and Free: Female Migration to Australia, 1833-1837 by Elizabeth Rushen. p. 144

Miranda Walker

A Necessary Balance: Gender and Power among the Indians of the Columbia Plateau by Lilian A. Ackerman. p. 146

Ann McCarthy