Issue 12, 2003

Editorial Note The Lilith Collective


New Challenges for Feminist History. pp. 1-5

Jill Matthews

Response. pp. 6-8

Barbara Brookes


Prisoners of War after Agincourt: Gender, mourning, and cultures of captivity in fifteenth-century France. pp. 9-22

Megan Cassidy-Welch

Woman of the Year: Katharine Hepburn and the American nation during World War II. pp. 23-34

Jessica Freame

‘Me, Myself, and Others’: A new look at Catherine Helen Spence. pp. 35-49

Janette Hancock

‘Fear the bitch who sheds no tears’: The cultural depiction of the white female scapegoat in Australian historical drama. pp. 50-64

Victoria Haskins

Pictures of Lilly: Erasures, additions, and errors. pp. 65-77

Gill Matthewson

The Making of a Feminist: Bessie Rischbieth encounters the English suffragettes. pp. 78-94

Carly Millar

Myths, Lies, and Invisible Lies: European Women and Chinese Men in North Queensland 1870-1900. pp. 95-109

Sandi Robb

Female Excess in the Age of Restraint: Conceptions of nymphomania in nineteenth-century medicine. pp. 110-122

Clair Scrine

Motherhood and Party Politics: The Nazi and Communist Press and the Late Weimar Abortion Debate. pp. 123-138

Katie Sutton

Book Reviews and Notes:

Domestic Service in Australia by Barry Higman. p. 139

Julie Evans

Communities of Women: Historical Perspectives, eds. Barbara Brookes and Dorothy Page. p. 140

Emily Turner-Graham

Women at the Center: Life in a Modern Matriartchy by Peggy Reeves Sanday. p. 142

Mina Elfira

Growing Good Catholic Girls: Education and Convent Life in Australia by Christine Trimingham Jack. p. 144

Alana Harris

Settlers, Servants, and Slaves: Aboriginal and European children in Nineteenth-Century Western Australia by Penelope Hetherington. p. 146

Victoria Haskins

Australian Women in Papua New Guinea: Colonial Passages 1920-1960 by Chilla Bulbeck. p. 148

Phillip Martin

Shifting Centres: Women and Migration in New Zealand History, eds. Lyndon Fraser and Katie Pickles. p. 150

John Salmond

Deserted and Destitute: Motherhood, Wife Desertion, and Colonial Welfare by Christina Twomey. p. 151

Shurlee Swain

Womenvision: Women and the Moving Image in Australia, ed. Lisa French. p. 153

Mary Tomsic

Letters From Aboriginal Women of Victoria 1867-1976, eds. Eliabeth Nelson, Sandra Smith, and Patricia Grimshaw. p. 159

Gwenda Baker