Issue 11, 2002

Papers from Lilith Symposium (11th July 2002 @ Melbourne University)

Editorial Note The Lilith Collective p. iii


Women Citizens of the New Nation: Reading Some Visual Evidence. pp. 1-22

Marian Quartly

Sott’acqua e Sotto Viento: Aspects of Gender and Ethnic Intervention in the Stories of the San Lupese People in Italy and Australia. pp. 23-38

Gioconda Di Lorenzo

Academic Women in Mediated Space: Japan and Australia. pp. 39-52

Vera Mackie

The City Girl: Appearing in the Modern Scene. pp. 53-72

Liz Conor

Confined to the Mainland?: Australian Women War Correspondents Reporting from Overseas During World War II. pp. 73-86

Katie Bird

Perspectives from the Australian Jewish Community. pp. 87-102

Suzanne Rutland

Roman Gaia and the Discourse of Patronage: Inscription(s) of Sex/Gender in Ancient Latin Epigraphy. pp. 103-116

Peter Keegan

Queen Victoria and Queen Dona Maria II de Gloria of Portugal: Marriage, Motherhood, and Sovereignty in the Lives of Young Queens Regnant (1828-1853). pp. 117-130

Yvonne Ward

Book Reviews and Notes:

A History of the Book in Australia, 1891-1945: A National Culture in a Colonised Market, eds. Martyn Lyons and John Arnold; Who Was That Woman? The Australian Women’s Weekly in the Postwar Years by Susan Sheridan with Barbara Baird, Kate Borrett, and Lyndall Ryan. p. 131

Joy Damousi

Mission Girls: Aboriginal Women on Catholic Missions in the Kimberley, Western Australia, 1900-1950 by Christine Choo. p. 134

Patricia Grimshaw

Blue China: Single Female Migration to Colonial Australia by Jan Gothard. p. 136

Gioconda Di Lorenzo

Confronting Cruelty: Historical Perspectives on Child Protection in Australia by Dorothy Scott and Shurlee Swain. p. 138

Victoria Haskins

Our Bodies, Our Babies: The Forgotten Women’s Movement by Kerreen Reiger. p. 140

Alex McBurnie

Passions of the First Wave Feminists by Susan Magarey. p. 142

Shurlee Swain

Women in African Colonial Histories, eds. Jean Allman, Susan Geiger, and Nakanyike Musisi. p. 143

Kurabena Adu-Boahen

Women’s Rights and Human Rights: International Historical Perspectivse, eds. Patricia Grimshaw, Katie Holmes, and Marilyn Lake. p. 146

Barbara Caine

To Try Her Fortune in London: Australian Women, Colonialism, and Modernity by Angela Woollacott. p. 148

Jane Carey

Kath Williams: The Unions and the Fight for Equal Pay by Zelda D’Aprano. p. 150

Ellen Warne

Contributors p. 151