Issue 23, 2017

Table of Contents


At the intersection of history p. 3-6

Rachel Gillett, Petra Mosmann and Catherine Fisher

Special Section: Intersections in History: Articles from the 2016 Australian Women’s History Network Conference

Looking Backwards: The Origins of the Australian Women’s History Network p. 8-14

Patricia Grimshaw

Intersectionality, Resistance, and History-Making p. 15-22

Jordana Silverstein, Carolyn D’Cruz, Ruth DeSouza, Samia Khatun and Crystal McKinnon

Ruby Lindsay: A Professional Artist of the Suffrage-Era p. 23-33

Sarah Gibson Walker

Broadcasting the Woman Citizen: Dame Enid Lyons’ Macquarie Network Talks p. 34-46

Catherine Fisher

The Battle for Custodianship of International Women’s Day in Newcastle, New South Wales p. 46-61

Jude Conway


‘Continental Charm’: Representing Southern European Domestics in Australia, 1960-1964 p. 63-79

Genevieve Dashwood

A Different Adela: The Forgotten Radical? p. 80-90

Geraldine Fela

Murderess or Madwoman? Margaret Heffernan, Infanticide and Insanity in Colonial Victoria p. 91-104

Georgina Rychner

Claiming Domestic Space: Queensland’s Interwar Women Architects and Their Labour Saving Devices p. 105-116

Kirsty Volz

Book Reviews:

The Convict’s Daughter p. 118-119

Louise Blake

Wayward Women: Female Offending in Victorian England p. 120-122

Anastasia Dukova

Country Women and The Colour Bar p. 122-124

Bronte Gould

Notes on Contributors:

p. 125